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Fairyland 1


Téma: My Senses

Slovní zásoba: eyes – see, ears – hear, nose – smell, hand – touch, tongue – taste

Slovní zásoba: day, night, sun, moon, stars, dark, light

Fráze: I can see with my eyes. I can …. with my ……

We can hear a dog. We can smell a flour. We can see a snail. We can taste an ice cream. We can touch a cat.


Téma: My Animals

Slovní zásoba: dog, cat, cow, sheep, horse, hen, pig, mouse

Slovní zásoba: frog, lion, crocodile, an elephant, monkey, snake, parrot, bat

Fráze: A horse can jump. A cat can climbe. A duck can swim.  A bat can fly. A mouse can run.



Téma: My Food

Slovní zásoba: bananas, milk, biscuits, eggs, tee, pizza, apples

Fráze: I like ….      Give me some, please.   Thank you.

I don´t like …

He/She likes …

What´s your favorite food?